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Guy Smith
RCDRL Member # 957

Stats for Elimination Rounds
Guy Smith
All Classes
1Round Wins
0.181Avg R/T
Guy Smith
All Classes
12Round Wins
0.241Avg R/T

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Class Stats:

Class Bests for Guy Smith
includes qualifying and elimination rounds
Head to Head
Traxxas Pro Funny Car       3.969 sec       .021 RT   3 laps
Outlaw Stadium - 2WD       2.319 sec       .102 RT   23 laps
All Run       .002 off dial       .008 RT14 laps
Young Gunners       .049 off dial       .042 RT31 laps

Best RT: 0.008   •   Best ET: 2.319   •   Best MPH:

Race History
  2nd Annual Lenny Zuppardo Memorial #1 - 03/09/19
RCDRL Louisiana
Traxxas Pro Funnycar
Q10.021RT3.969ETLeft Ln
Q20.119RT4.012ETRight Ln
R10.117RT4.077ETLeft LnLost to Mikey AlsobrooksDQ
Outlaw Stadium - 2WD
Q10.233RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.118RT2.636ETRight Ln
R10.197RT2.715ETLeft LnLost to Roger Cook
Young Gunners
Q10.323RT3.153ETLeft Ln
Q20.202RT2.708ETRight Ln
R10.187RT2.673 on 2.600 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Joseph Forbes
R20.222RT2.734 on 2.600 DialLeft LnLost to Dennis III Forbes
  The 6th Annual RCDRL Cajun Nationals - 11/10/18
RCDRL Louisiana
Outlaw Stadium - 2WD
Q10.223RT2.852ETLeft Ln
Q20.275RT2.816ETRight Ln
R10.102RT2.891ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Billy Lane
R2-0.040RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Roger CookRedlight DQ
Young Gunners
Q10.133RT2.963ETLeft Ln
Q20.203RT2.855ETRight Ln
R10.247RT2.976 on 2.500 DialLeft LnLost to Dennis III Forbes
  DragRace Concepts RCDRL Louisiana Finals - 10/27/18
RCDRL Louisiana
Young Gunners
Q10.099RT2.730ETRight Ln
Q20.179RT2.737ETLeft Ln
R10.172RT2.669 on 2.560 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Marcus Cuillier Jr.
  Forbes Fall Nationals - 10/13/18
RCDRL Louisiana
Young Gunners
Q10.159RT2.646ETLeft Ln
Q20.146RT2.631ETRight Ln
R10.305RT2.760 on 2.490 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Marcus Cuillier Jr.
  Compton Nationals - 09/29/18
RCDRL Louisiana
Outlaw Stadium - 2WD
Q10.221RT2.804ETLeft Ln
Q20.265RT2.623ETRight Ln
R10.159RT2.624ETLeft LnLost to Roger Cook
Young Gunners
Q10.225RT2.783ETLeft Ln
Q20.137RT2.714ETRight Ln
R10.069RT2.761 on 2.650 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Dennis III Forbes
R2-0.029RT2.658 on 2.500 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Marcus Cuillier Jr.Redlight
All Run Bracket
Q10.206RT2.928ETLeft Ln
R10.248RT2.580 on 2.500 DialLeft LnDefeated Gaige Borreli
R20.247RT2.691 on 2.500 DialLeft LnLost to Marcus Cuillier Jr.
  The Louisiana Nationals - 09/22/18
RCDRL Louisiana
Outlaw Stadium - 2WD
Q10.230RT2.610ETLeft Ln
Q20.215RT2.674ETRight Ln
R10.203RT2.686ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Addysin SmithDQ
Young Gunners
Q10.216RT2.631ETLeft Ln
Q20.225RT2.687ETRight Ln
R10.278RT2.649 on 2.600 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Joseph Forbes
R20.230RT2.773 on 2.580 DialLeft LnLost to Dennis III Forbes
All Run Bracket
Q10.216RT2.615ETLeft Ln
R10.291RT3.008 on 2.580 DialRight LnLost to Regina Alsobrooks
  Schexnayder RC Racing Nationals - 08/25/18
RCDRL Louisiana
Outlaw Stadium - 2WD
Q10.223RT3.061ETLeft Ln
Q20.156RT3.062ETRight Ln
R10.314RT3.108ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Amanda Smith
R259.990RT59.990ETRight LnLost to Roger CookDQ
Young Gunners
Q10.098RT3.041ETLeft Ln
Q20.199RT3.080ETRight Ln
R10.337RT3.260 on 3.010 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Dennis III Forbes
All Run Bracket
Q10.205RT3.059ETLeft Ln
R159.990RT59.990 on 3.010 DialRight LnLost to Marcus Cuillier Jr.DQ
  Teague Thunderstruck Nationals - 07/28/18
RCDRL Louisiana
Outlaw Stadium - 2WD
Q159.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.294RT2.319ETRight Ln
R159.990RT59.990ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Addysin SmithDQ
Young Gunners
Q10.057RT3.280ETRight Ln
Q20.042RT2.773ETLeft Ln
R10.157RT2.735ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.339RT2.720 on 2.740 DialLeft LnLost to Dennis III ForbesBreakout
All Run Bracket
Q10.189RT3.063ETRight Ln
R10.337RT2.781 on 2.470 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Morty Smith
  Team Alsobrooks Southern Nationals - 06/09/18
RCDRL Louisiana
Outlaw Stadium - 2WD
Q10.321RT3.287ETRight Ln
Q20.377RT3.192ETRight Ln 127°
R10.361RT3.220ETRight LnLost to Rony Robinson 127°
Young Gunners
Q10.188RT3.325ETLeft Ln
Q20.297RT3.223ETLeft Ln
R10.495RT3.149 on 3.170 DialLeft LnDefeated Marcus Cuillier Jr.Breakout
All Run Bracket
Q10.008RT3.471ETRight Ln 127°
R10.167RT3.203ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye 127°
R20.370RT3.195 on 3.200 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Dwayne SwanierBreakout
R30.112RT3.182 on 3.180 DialLeft LnDefeated Roger Cook
R4-0.083RT4.068 on 3.100 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Meghann TeagueRedlight

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