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Robert St. Pierre
RCDRL Member # 691
Active Member

Defending RCDRL Texas
Top Fuel (3s) Champion

Stats for Elimination Rounds
Robert St. Pierre
All Classes
60Round Wins
0.085Avg R/T
Robert St. Pierre
All Classes
220Round Wins
0.113Avg R/T

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Class Stats:

Class Bests for Robert St. Pierre
includes qualifying and elimination rounds
Head to Head
      1.422 sec       .006 RT   8 laps
Pro Mod       1.381 sec       .000 RT   226 laps
Pro Stock       1.723 sec       .001 RT   174 laps
Top Fuel Electric / Nitro       1.189 sec       .000 RT   230 laps
Outlaw Extreme       1.454 sec       .064 RT   6 laps
Index       .071 off dial       .015 RT6 laps
All Run       .111 off dial       .051 RT11 laps
Quick-Bracket       .003 off dial       .002 RT166 laps

Best RT: 0.000   •   Best ET: 1.189   •   Best MPH: 115.0

Race History
  YourBatteryBuddy.com RCDRL Finals - 10/13/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.064RT1.339ET103.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.021RT1.265ETLeft Ln
R10.133RT1.266ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Donnie Johnson
R20.027RT64.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to David MaresDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.048RT1.432ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.021RT1.426ET91.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.062RT1.524ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Steve Posey
R2-0.013RT1.508ET84.0 mphLeft LnLost to Mason CooleyRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.076RT2.752ETRight LnDQ
Q20.011RT1.442ETLeft Ln
R10.024RT1.529ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.057RT1.514 on 1.400 Dial89.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.
  2nd Annual Shipman Snack Service Nationals - 10/12/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.100RT1.268ET101.0 mphLeft Ln
Q20.035RT1.241ETLeft Ln
R1-0.018RT1.361ET102.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Donnie JohnsonRedlight
R20.198RT1.263ETRight LnLost to Duwayne Cooley
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.031RT1.466ET91.0 mphLeft LnRedlight
Q20.119RT1.448ETRight Ln
R1-0.007RT1.448ET92.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jonathan WaggonerRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.100RT1.486ETLeft Ln
Q20.066RT1.557ET86.0 mphRight Ln
R1-0.001RT1.534 on 1.400 Dial89.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie ThomasRedlight
R2-0.060RT1.520 on 1.400 Dial86.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.Redlight
  2nd Annual Summit Racing Equipment RC Fall Nationals - 10/05/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.084RT1.270ETLeft Ln
Q20.020RT1.283ETRight Ln
R10.026RT64.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Willie ThomasDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.008RT1.473ET90.0 mphLeft LnRedlight
Q20.016RT1.501ETRight LnDQ
R1-0.017RT1.452ET93.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Michael WillisRedlight
R20.075RT1.423ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Ant Wren
R30.061RT1.427ET93.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R40.026RT1.429ETRight LnLost to Jerry Shields
Quick 16 Bracket
Q1-0.007RT1.455ETLeft LnRedlight
Q20.122RT1.514ETRight LnDQ
R10.014RT1.436 on 1.500 Dial94.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Chad HowardBreakout
  Performance Auto Care Nationals - 09/21/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.004RT1.308ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.038RT1.317ET94.0 mphLeft Ln
R1-0.035RT1.301ETLeft LnLost to Donnie JohnsonRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.023RT2.059ET38.0 mphRight LnDQ
Q2-0.001RT1.416ET89.0 mphLeft LnRedlight
R10.019RT4.130ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Mason Cooley
R20.008RT1.725ET79.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Willie Thomas
R30.027RT1.533ET100.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R40.058RT1.479ET90.0 mphRight LnLost to Jerry Shields
Quick 16 Bracket
Q1-0.054RT1.459ET93.0 mphRight LnRedlight
Q2-0.084RT1.491ETLeft LnRedlight
R1-0.087RT1.499ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Mike PfeilRedlight
R20.083RT1.514ET87.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R30.105RT1.562 on 1.400 Dial84.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Joel Shipman
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.018RT1.769ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.002RT1.768ET72.0 mphLeft Ln
R1-0.045RT1.781ET71.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Steve NigriRedlight
R2-0.013RT1.862ETLeft LnLost to Michael ChandlerRedlight
  GO BIG Chassis Shop 7th Annual RCDRL Super Nationals - 09/01/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.025RT1.362ET104.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.078RT1.267ET99.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.011RT1.238ETLeft LnDefeated AD Rigmaiden
R20.051RT1.253ET101.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Steve SaikoHoleshot
R3-0.009RT1.271ET105.0 mphRight LnLost to Bryant RuffRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.007RT64.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.092RT1.448ET93.5 mphLeft Ln
R10.005RT64.990ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Scott Glasscock
R20.053RT1.451ET86.0 mphLeft LnLost to Jerry ShieldsDQ
Top Alcohol
Q10.049RT1.496ET90.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.126RT1.474ET87.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.015RT1.455ET86.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Zack Shivers
R2-0.042RT1.475ET88.0 mphRight LnLost to AD RigmaidenRedlight
  Garca Motorsports To Hot 2 Handle Nationals - 08/10/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.107RT1.365ET104.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.301RT1.302ET108.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.061RT1.353ET94.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Zack Shivers
R20.133RT1.247ET101.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R30.032RT1.296ET98.0 mphRight LnLost to David Goldstein
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.020RT1.696ET86.0 mphRight LnRedlight
Q2-0.009RT1.427ET94.0 mphLeft LnRedlight
R10.179RT3.567ET11.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Zack Shivers
R20.009RT1.466ET88.0 mphLeft LnLost to Michael Willis
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.089RT1.796ETRight Ln
Q20.234RT5.312ET26.0 mphLeft Ln
R1-0.032RT1.812 on 1.770 Dial72.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jeff Schmidt Jr.Redlight
R20.054RT1.804ET74.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated David Goldstein
R3-0.183RT59.999 on 1.780 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Mason CooleyRedlight DQ
  2nd Annual Little Rascals Nationals - 07/27/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.033RT1.295ET107.0 mphRight LnDQ
Q20.044RT1.268ETLeft Ln
R1-0.045RT1.251ET107.0 mphRight LnLost to David GoldsteinRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.063RT1.613ETRight LnRedlight DQ
Q20.002RT1.567ET82.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.018RT1.488ETLeft LnDefeated Kobe ShutterHoleshot
R2-0.003RT1.493ET84.0 mphLeft LnLost to Jerry ShieldsRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.090RT1.504ET91.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.076RT1.491ETLeft Ln
R1-0.032RT1.539 on 1.450 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Thuan DinhRedlight
R2-0.027RT1.615 on 1.470 Dial88.0 mphLeft LnLost to Chris MarkowskiRedlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.009RT1.821ETRight Ln
Q2-0.017RT1.941ETLeft LnRedlight DQ
R1-0.060RT1.866ET69.0 mphLeft LnLost to Jonathan WaggonerRedlight
  6th Annual AudioKarma.org RCDRL Summer Nationals - 07/13/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.047RT64.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.201RT1.272ET102.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.128RT1.304ET93.0 mphRight LnLost to Duwayne CooleyDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.146RT1.521ETRight Ln
Q20.043RT1.529ETLeft Ln
R1-0.001RT1.550ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Gregory ChapaRedlight DQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.175RT1.778ETRight Ln
Q20.138RT1.497ETLeft Ln
R1-0.062RT1.583 on 1.400 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Michael MercadelRedlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.154RT1.791ETRight Ln
Q20.020RT1.773ETLeft Ln
R1-0.027RT1.821ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Steve NigriRedlight
R2-0.026RT1.889ET66.0 mphRight LnLost to Davey GoffRedlight
  4th Annual DragTrac.com Nationals - 06/22/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.043RT1.422ETLeft LnDQ
Q2-0.012RT1.259ETRight LnRedlight
R1-0.020RT1.222ETLeft LnLost to Mike BargeRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.189RT1.421ETLeft Ln
Q20.088RT1.429ETRight Ln
R1-0.011RT1.675ET62.6 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jerry ShieldsRedlight
R20.077RT1.394ETRight LnDefeated Ant Wren
R30.038RT1.390ET94.1 mphRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R40.064RT1.381ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Duwayne Cooley
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.046RT1.852ETLeft Ln
Q20.194RT1.760ETRight Ln
R10.037RT1.630 on 1.300 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Mike Barge
R2-0.002RT1.712 on 1.650 DialRight LnLost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.Redlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.007RT1.795ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.005RT1.807ETRight LnRedlight
R10.007RT59.990ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Marcus TalamantezDQ
  Tricky-Lu Racing Track Whisperer Nationals - 06/15/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.036RT64.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.100RT1.229ET106.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.050RT1.218ET108.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Zack Shivers
R2-0.053RT1.370ET105.0 mphLeft LnLost to David MaresRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.091RT1.527ET95.0 mphRight LnRedlight
Q20.052RT64.999ETLeft LnDQ
R1-0.021RT64.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Kobe ShutterRedlight DQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.127RT2.993ET26.0 mphRight LnDQ
Q20.108RT1.668ET87.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.067RT1.639 on 1.600 Dial85.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.010RT1.647 on 1.600 Dial85.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jeff Schmidt Jr.
R30.110RT1.603 on 1.600 Dial83.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Markowski
R40.120RT1.667 on 1.590 Dial85.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Joel Shipman
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.009RT64.999ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.006RT1.723ET76.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.003RT1.751ET72.5 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Marcus Talamantez
R20.022RT1.745ET73.0 mphRight LnLost to Jill Miller
  TOAD Racing Spring Nationals - 05/11/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.031RT2.738ETRight LnDQ
Q20.041RT1.331ETLeft Ln
R10.039RT1.449ET86.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Zack Shivers
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.003RT64.990ETRight LnRedlight DQ
Q20.069RT64.999ETLeft LnDQ
R1-0.026RT1.505ET84.0 mphRight LnLost to Zack ShiversRedlight DQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.026RT2.322ET89.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.257RT1.470ETLeft Ln
R10.156RT1.430 on 1.500 Dial91.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Paxton PfeilBreakout
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.032RT1.804ETRight Ln
Q20.038RT1.766ETLeft Ln
R10.039RT1.773ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Steve Nigri
R20.008RT64.999ETRight LnLost to Jeremy MillerDQ
  North Carrier Automotive Nationals - 05/04/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.039RT1.312ET102.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.067RT1.248ET101.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.196RT1.189ET87.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Duwayne Cooley 50°
R20.105RT1.288ET104.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R3-0.017RT1.391ET102.0 mphRight LnLost to David GoldsteinRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.138RT64.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.054RT64.999ETLeft LnDQ
R10.127RT64.999ETLeft LnLost to Jerry ShieldsDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.087RT1.638ET86.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.176RT1.528ET85.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.093RT1.634 on 1.500 Dial77.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Chris MarkowskiDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q159.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
Q20.132RT1.731ET72.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.001RT64.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Michael ChandlerDQ
  TJ's Angels & Bear Hug Nationals - 04/27/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.151RT1.330ET104.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.069RT1.344ET89.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.206RT1.268ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Donnie Johnson
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.124RT1.466ETRight Ln
Q2-0.002RT64.999ETLeft LnRedlight DQ
R10.247RT64.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated David Mares
R20.015RT1.516ETLeft LnLost to Ant WrenDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.104RT1.514ET89.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.183RT1.492ET88.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.291RT1.507 on 1.500 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Darvione Huddleston
R20.087RT1.531 on 1.500 DialLeft LnDefeated DeadEye Jones
R30.130RT1.477 on 1.500 DialLeft LnLost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.Breakout
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.016RT1.751ETRight LnRedlight DQ
Q20.022RT1.871ET68.0 mphLeft LnDQ
R10.062RT64.999ETRight LnLost to Ronald Jackson
  5th Annual Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals - 03/16/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.155RT1.364ET109.0 mphLeft Ln
Q20.139RT64.999ETRight LnDQ
R10.076RT1.332ET104.0 mphRight LnDefeated Willie Thomas
R20.011RT1.325ET97.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to David MaresDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.035RT1.431ET91.3 mphLeft Ln 92°
Q20.005RT1.442ET93.1 mphRight Ln 105°
R10.051RT1.437ET90.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.091RT64.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R3-0.037RT1.450ETLeft LnLost to Ant WrenRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.042RT1.516ET83.0 mphLeft Ln
Q20.096RT1.628ET86.0 mphRight Ln
R1-0.011RT1.595 on 1.400 Dial88.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Douglas CrewsRedlight
R20.177RT1.545 on 1.500 Dial88.0 mphRight LnDefeated Chris Markowski
R3-0.004RT1.590 on 1.500 Dial89.0 mphRight LnLost to Norris GravesRedlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.112RT1.878ET64.0 mphLeft Ln
Q2-0.045RT1.914ET64.0 mphRight LnRedlight
R10.098RT1.945ET59.0 mphLeft LnLost to Michael ChandlerDQ
  2nd Annual Jimmy RAINMAN Schauer Memorial - 03/09/19
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.132RT1.276ET106.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.087RT1.269ET102.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.173RT1.263ET106.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.080RT64.999ETLeft LnDefeated Zack Shivers
R359.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln (Choice) ByeDQ
R40.072RT1.310ET99.0 mphLeft LnLost to Pedro Xavier
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.007RT64.999ETRight LnRedlight DQ
Q20.003RT1.451ET88.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.161RT1.405ET92.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Mitchal Vaughn
R20.024RT1.423ET91.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Darvione Huddleston
R30.034RT64.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Mason CooleyDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.173RT1.430ET93.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.108RT1.380ETLeft Ln
R10.027RT1.591ET88.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Ted Morris
R20.368RT2.121 on 1.380 Dial44.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Joel Shipman
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.165RT1.928ET65.0 mphRight LnDQ
Q20.022RT1.859ET69.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.109RT1.954ET61.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Alex Garca
R20.008RT2.001ET59.0 mphLeft LnLost to Michael Chandler
  Pepino RC Drag Racing Winternationals - 02/15/19
RCDRL Puerto Rico
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.153RT1.262ET103.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.133RT1.261ET102.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.076RT1.245ET102.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Francisco Frontera
R2-0.075RT1.216ET106.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Reynaldo TorresRedlight
Top Alcohol Dragster
Q10.055RT1.481ET74.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.006RT1.440ET90.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.215RT1.422ET89.5 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Seleanne Torres
R20.213RT1.486ET91.0 mphLeft LnLost to Kaylenne Torres
  2018 YourBatteryBuddy.com Finals - 10/27/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.074RT1.335ET107.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.096RT1.270ETLeft Ln
R10.186RT1.266ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Duwayne Cooley
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.034RT64.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.007RT1.467ETLeft Ln
R10.177RT64.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Douglas CrewsDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.372RT1.337ETRight Ln
Q20.293RT1.284ETLeft Ln
R10.201RT64.999 on 1.270 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Paxton Pfeil
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.078RT1.844ET72.1 mphRight Ln
Q20.050RT1.793ET71.0 mphLeft Ln
R10.050RT1.848ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Mason Cooley
  Summit Racing Equipment RC Fall Nationals - 10/20/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.569RT64.999ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.008RT64.990ETRight LnRedlight
R1-0.009RT1.321ETRight LnLost to David GoldsteinRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.121RT1.509ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.016RT1.484ETRight Ln
R10.185RT1.484ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Douglas Crews
R20.085RT1.520ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Darvione Huddleston
R30.015RT1.549ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R4-0.045RT1.533ETRight LnLost to Jerry ShieldsRedlight DQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.348RT1.286ETLeft Ln
Q20.245RT1.283ETRight Ln
R10.391RT1.344 on 1.270 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Kelly McCart
R20.303RT1.353 on 1.280 DialRight LnLost to Chris Markowski
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.055RT1.859ETLeft Ln
Q20.011RT1.862ETRight Ln
R1-0.001RT1.846ETLeft LnLost to Casey BakerRedlight
  RCDRL DragTrac.com Nationals - 10/06/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.031RT1.259ETRight LnRedlight 113°
Q20.001RT1.954ETLeft Ln
R10.113RT1.272ET107.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Donnie Johnson
R20.080RT1.324ET112.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Duwayne Cooley
R30.041RT1.326ET98.0 mphLeft LnLost to David Mares
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.069RT4.430ETRight LnRedlight DQ
Q20.154RT64.999ETLeft LnDQ
R1-0.043RT1.540ETLeft LnLost to Ant WrenRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.111RT1.292ETRight Ln 113°
Q20.104RT1.673ETLeft LnDQ
R10.174RT64.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Marcus Talamantez
R20.053RT1.279 on 1.280 DialLeft LnLost to Chris MarkowskiBreakout
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.024RT64.999ETRight LnRedlight DQ
Q20.001RT2.420ETLeft LnDQ
R1-0.026RT1.926ETRight LnLost to Jill MillerRedlight 115°
  2nd Annual Garca Motorsports Nationals - 09/15/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.028RT1.317ETLeft LnRedlight
Q2-0.082RT1.809ETRight LnRedlight
R10.128RT1.320ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Cody Cook
R2-0.015RT1.308ETRight LnLost to Mitchal VaughnRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.071RT1.601ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.065RT1.629ETRight LnDQ
R10.151RT1.534ETRight LnDefeated Willie Thomas
R20.206RT1.743ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Ronald Jackson
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.052RT1.468ETLeft Ln
Q20.072RT1.426ETRight Ln
R10.023RT1.347ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R2-0.107RT1.347 on 1.300 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.Redlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.033RT1.823ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.010RT1.795ETRight LnRedlight
R1-0.024RT1.820ETLeft LnLost to Ronald JacksonRedlight
  Paul Miller Custom Pools RC Nationals - 08/25/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.209RT2.383ETRight Ln
Q20.055RT1.363ETLeft Ln
R10.150RT1.300ET115.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Donnie Johnson
R20.028RT1.319ET108.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Duwayne Cooley
R3-0.030RT1.350ETLeft Ln (Choice) ByeRedlight
R4-0.007RT1.342ETLeft LnDefeated David GoldsteinRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.153RT1.537ETRight Ln
Q20.222RT1.556ETLeft Ln
R1-0.032RT1.543ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Douglas CrewsRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.167RT2.051ETLeft Ln
Q259.999RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R10.350RT3.471 on 2.100 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Michael Taylor
R2-0.016RT2.246 on 2.000 DialLeft LnLost to Nacho ThackerRedlight DQ 127°
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.187RT1.841ETRight Ln
Q20.070RT1.817ETLeft Ln
R10.057RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jazmine Hernandez
R20.070RT1.848ETLeft LnLost to Jeremy Miller
  Paradise RC Nationals - 08/18/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.209RT1.233ETRight Ln
Q20.188RT1.336ETLeft Ln
R10.337RT64.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.014RT1.922ETLeft LnDefeated Brandon Mares
R30.026RT64.999ETLeft LnLost to David MaresDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.344RT1.515ETRight LnDQ 125°
Q20.085RT1.542ETLeft Ln 127°
R10.094RT1.504ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Douglas Crews
R20.213RT1.619ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Tony MaloneDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.248RT1.891ETRight LnDQ
Q20.255RT1.875ETLeft LnDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.015RT1.828ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.128RT1.850ETLeft LnDQ
R10.301RT1.816ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Eric Bowman 127°
R20.020RT4.217ETRight LnLost to Jeremy MillerDQ
  HobbyTown USA Texas Summer Nationals - 07/28/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.073RT1.345ETRight Ln
Q20.200RT1.369ET99.1 mphLeft Ln
R10.322RT1.385ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.100RT1.297ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated J R Summons
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.086RT1.518ETRight Ln
Q20.043RT1.525ETLeft Ln
R10.314RT1.552ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Tony Malone
R20.278RT1.543ET89.4 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Davey Goff
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.312RT1.961ETRight Ln
Q20.340RT2.055ETLeft Ln
R10.468RT2.044 on 1.950 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Ted Morris
R20.108RT2.025 on 2.000 DialLeft LnDefeated Joel Shipman
R30.273RT2.051 on 2.000 DialRight LnLost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.099RT1.874ETRight Ln 127°
Q20.038RT1.877ETLeft Ln 127°
R10.029RT1.803ETLeft LnDefeated Casey BakerHoleshot
R20.310RT1.819ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jerry Shields
  The North Carrier Automotive Nationals - 07/14/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.030RT1.312ET110.0 mphRight LnRedlight
Q20.156RT1.438ET104.0 mphLeft Ln 127°
R10.245RT1.353ET93.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Cody Cook
R20.669RT1.339ET98.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Donnie Johnson
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.044RT1.543ETRight LnRedlight
Q2-0.052RT1.597ET78.0 mphLeft LnRedlight
R10.193RT3.823ET19.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Dewayne Shipman
R20.122RT1.592ET81.0 mphLeft LnLost to Darvione Huddleston
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.351RT3.333ETRight LnDQ
Q20.320RT1.873ETLeft Ln 127°
R10.399RT1.891 on 1.850 Dial66.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.325RT1.875 on 1.860 Dial67.0 mphLeft LnLost to Joshua Mercadel
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.064RT1.892ETRight LnRedlight 127°
Q20.097RT1.922ETLeft Ln 127°
R10.021RT1.859ET67.0 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Alex Garca
R2-0.016RT1.982ET57.0 mphLeft LnLost to Jerry ShieldsRedlight
  Rockstar Powder Coat US Super Nationals - 06/24/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.032RT1.289ETRight LnRedlight
Q2-0.019RT1.249ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.091RT1.285ET106.5 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Mikey Alsobrooks 122°
R20.082RT1.280ET106.5 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Christopher J. Alcoser 127°
R3-0.015RT1.289ET101.7 mphLeft LnLost to Francisco FronteraRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.011RT3.363ETRight LnDQ 116°
Q2-0.009RT1.491ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.166RT1.511ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated David Mares 120°
R2-0.032RT1.473ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Roy AndersonRedlight
R30.065RT1.484ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Ant Wren
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.014RT59.999ETRight LnDQ 120°
Q20.043RT1.944ETLeft Ln
R10.021RT1.745ET81.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Davey GoffHoleshot 124°
R20.075RT1.752ETLeft LnLost to Tony Rudis 123°
  RC Divas Nationals - 06/16/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.002RT1.332ETLeft Ln 127°
Q2-0.016RT1.335ETRight LnRedlight
R10.016RT1.358ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Donnie Johnson
R20.023RT1.360ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Cody Cook 117°
R3-0.027RT1.374ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to J R SummonsRedlight 99°
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.011RT1.668ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.001RT1.613ETRight LnRedlight
R10.052RT1.582ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Manuel Garca
R2-0.020RT1.640ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Alex GarcaRedlight 117°
R30.208RT1.574ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Douglas Crews 108°
R40.129RT1.551ET81.0 mphRight LnLost to Duwayne Cooley 108°
Quick 16 Bracket
Q1-0.051RT1.808ETLeft LnRedlight
Q20.088RT1.783ETRight Ln
R10.163RT1.783ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Steve Nigri 124°
R20.108RT1.771 on 1.750 DialLeft LnDefeated Joel Shipman
R30.187RT1.774 on 1.750 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Norris Graves 108°
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.043RT1.842ETLeft Ln 121°
Q20.048RT1.774ETRight Ln 127°
R10.166RT1.776ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Casey Baker 127°
R20.213RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to David GranierDQ
  The Little Rascals Spring Nationals - 05/26/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.097RT1.373ETLeft LnRedlight
Q2-0.035RT1.455ETRight LnRedlight 127°
R10.009RT1.328ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.034RT1.319ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye 127°
R3-0.035RT1.300ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Darvione HuddlestonRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.042RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight DQ
Q20.016RT1.593ETRight Ln
R1-0.015RT1.601ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Alex GarcaRedlight DQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.050RT1.604ETLeft Ln
Q20.125RT1.541ETRight Ln 127°
R10.123RT1.528 on 1.550 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated James WareBreakout
R20.033RT1.546 on 1.500 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Norris GravesDQ 127°
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.036RT1.810ETLeft Ln 127°
Q20.122RT1.827ETRight Ln
R10.113RT1.843ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.109RT1.766ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R30.140RT1.758ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jeremy Miller 118°
R4-0.015RT1.754ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Marcus TalamantezRedlight
  Shipman's Snack Service Nationals - 05/12/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.018RT1.362ETLeft Ln
Q20.016RT1.338ETRight Ln 126°
R1-0.009RT1.432ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Cody CookRedlight 127°
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.035RT1.540ETLeft LnRedlight 103°
Q2-0.068RT1.536ETRight LnRedlight
R1-0.051RT2.657ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Johnnie BraswellRedlight DQ 127°
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.159RT2.409ETLeft LnDQ 105°
Q20.216RT1.481ETRight Ln 126°
R10.024RT1.499 on 1.500 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie ThomasBreakout 123°
R2-0.019RT59.999 on 1.480 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to David BraswellRedlight DQ 114°
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.079RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.204RT1.740ETRight Ln
R10.209RT12.670ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jacquelyn Mares
R20.024RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Jazmine HernandezHoleshot DQ 118°
  Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals - 04/14/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.039RT1.525ETRight LnRedlight
Q2-0.080RT1.390ETLeft LnRedlight
R1-0.036RT1.353ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Darvione HuddlestonRedlight 93°
R2-0.010RT1.448ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Cody CookRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.027RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.036RT1.570ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.000RT59.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Mitchal Vaughn
R29.923RT55.212ETRight LnLost to Duwayne Cooley
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.014RT1.881ETRight LnDQ 100°
Q20.031RT1.886ETRight Ln
R10.055RT3.733 on 1.800 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Joel ShipmanDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.053RT1.835ETLeft Ln 91°
Q20.149RT1.802ETLeft Ln
R1-0.046RT1.800ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Alex GarcaRedlight 100°
R20.019RT1.850ETLeft Ln (Choice) ByeDQ 89°
R30.008RT1.847ETLeft LnDefeated Jeremy Miller 72°
R40.063RT59.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Davey Goff
  The Garca Cafe Nationals - 03/17/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.023RT1.426ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.016RT1.318ETRight LnRedlight
R1-0.035RT1.330ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Cody CookRedlight
R2-0.024RT1.297ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Donnie JohnsonRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.091RT1.642ETLeft Ln
Q20.008RT1.555ETRight Ln
R10.126RT1.583ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Douglas Crews
R20.105RT1.570ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R359.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Manuel Garca
R4-0.036RT1.572ETLeft LnLost to Ant WrenRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.093RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Q2-0.040RT1.948ETRight LnRedlight
Q3-0.079RT2.004ETLeft LnRedlight
R1-0.070RT2.031 on 1.900 DialLeft LnLost to Stephen BurdenRedlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.122RT1.906ETLeft Ln
Q20.073RT1.865ETRight Ln
R1-0.001RT1.852ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Mason CooleyRedlight
R20.045RT1.846ETLeft LnDefeated Casey Baker
R30.053RT1.835ET71.0 mphLeft LnDefeated Jeremy Miller
R40.149RT1.802ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Davey Goff
  Rudis Motorsports Jim Rainman Memorial Winternationals - 03/03/18
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.047RT1.527ETLeft LnRedlight
Q2-0.072RT2.560ETRight LnRedlight DQ
Q359.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
R10.082RT1.469ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Ralph Tocco
R2-0.053RT1.450ETLeft LnLost to Carlos EspinozaRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.111RT1.630ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.240RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Q30.096RT1.669ETLeft Ln
R10.195RT1.740ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Douglas Crews
Quick 16 Bracket
Q1-0.043RT1.906ETLeft LnRedlight
Q259.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln
Q3-0.005RT1.901ETLeft LnRedlight
R10.058RT1.877 on 1.900 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Stephen BurdenBreakout
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.125RT1.888ETLeft Ln
Q20.087RT1.864ETRight Ln
Q359.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
R10.061RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Casey BakerDQ
  Louisiana vs The World Shoot-Out Championship - 11/04/17
RCDRL Louisiana
Pro Mod
Q159.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
Q259.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
R10.059RT1.918ETRight LnLost to Marcus Cuillier Jr.
Pro Stock (1S)
Q1-0.008RT2.065ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.020RT1.983ETRight Ln
R10.052RT1.921ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.033RT1.906ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Ant Wren
Top Fuel Dragster (3s)
Q10.009RT1.476ETRight Ln
Q20.088RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
R10.013RT1.412ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Dominick Leone
R2-0.102RT1.588ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Larry FortenberryRedlight
R30.004RT1.652ETLeft LnLost to Dennis Forbes
Quick-8 Bracket
Q10.245RT2.008ETRight Ln
Q20.281RT2.075ETLeft Ln
R10.149RT2.050 on 2.000 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Michael Mercadel
R20.043RT2.095 on 2.000 DialLeft LnDefeated Joel Shipman
R3-0.006RT2.065 on 2.000 DialRight LnLost to Paxton PfeilRedlight
  YourBatteryBuddy.com Texas Finals - 10/07/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.003RT1.415ET96.0 mphLeft LnRedlight
Q20.043RT59.999ET92.1 mphRight LnDQ
R10.090RT1.459ET94.6 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Christopher J. AlcoserDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.020RT59.999ETRight LnRedlight DQ
Q2-0.019RT59.999ET85.2 mphLeft LnRedlight DQ
R10.148RT19.184ETLeft LnLost to Ant WrenDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.274RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.263RT2.002ET63.1 mphRight Ln
R10.271RT1.999 on 2.000 Dial56.8 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Michael MercadelBreakout
R20.240RT1.978 on 1.950 Dial64.3 mphLeft LnDefeated Norris Graves
R30.211RT2.102 on 1.950 Dial57.7 mphLeft LnLost to Manuel GarcaDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.097RT1.834ET71.0 mphRight Ln
Q20.259RT59.999ET26.9 mphLeft LnDQ
R10.078RT1.784ET74.1 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Christopher J. Alcoser
R20.051RT1.822ET73.3 mphLeft LnDefeated Casey Baker
R30.118RT1.816ET72.5 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeremy Miller
  Garca Motorsports Fall Nationals - 09/30/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.042RT1.498ET101.7 mphRight LnRedlight
Q2-0.132RT59.999ETRight LnRedlight DQ
R159.990RT59.990ETLeft LnLost to Ant WrenDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.001RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Q2-0.022RT59.999ET73.3 mphLeft LnRedlight DQ
R1-0.018RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Willie ThomasRedlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.051RT1.809ETRight Ln
Q20.078RT1.836ET72.5 mphLeft Ln
R10.023RT1.842ET73.3 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Christopher J. Alcoser
R20.172RT1.809ET71.0 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Alex Garca
R30.147RT1.850ET71.7 mphRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R40.014RT1.808ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Davey Goff
Street Eliminator (2s)
Q1-0.695RT4.560ET45.1 mphLeft LnRedlight
R159.990RT59.990ETLeft LnLost to Jayme BatesDQ
  Peak Performance Nationals - 09/09/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.020RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q2-0.028RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight DQ
R1-0.263RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Brandon MaresRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.186RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.041RT59.999ET28.0 mphLeft LnDQ
R10.072RT4.932ET22.8 mphLeft LnLost to Michael WillisDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.023RT1.803ETRight Ln
Q20.090RT1.861ET69.5 mphRight Ln
R10.107RT1.852ET70.2 mphRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Alex Garca
R20.035RT2.115ET43.9 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Davey GoffDQ
  Rudis Motorsports Too Hot To Handle Nationals - 08/12/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.000RT1.698ETLeft Ln
Q20.096RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R1-0.019RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Brandon MaresRedlight DQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.190RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.071RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.055RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.211RT1.782ETRight Ln
R10.012RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.029RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Davey GoffHoleshot DQ
  North Carrier Automotive U.S. Nationals - 07/29/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.095RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Q20.126RT1.945ETRight LnDQ
R10.069RT2.858ETLeft LnLost to Haylee ArnoldDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.040RT3.498ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.106RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R10.146RT4.915ETLeft LnLost to Christopher J. AlcoserDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.112RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
Q20.096RT1.747ETRight Ln
R10.103RT1.771ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.003RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Ant WrenDQ
  Denton Tattoo Co. Summer Nationals - 07/15/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.027RT1.479ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.037RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight DQ
R1-0.026RT59.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Willie ThomasRedlight DQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.019RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.062RT59.999ET84.1 mphLeft LnDQ
R1-0.007RT1.494ETLeft LnLost to Darvione HuddlestonRedlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.124RT59.590ET70.0 mphLeft Ln
Q20.176RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
R10.140RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Davey GoffDQ
  RLC Performance Engineering Super Nationals - 06/25/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.082RT1.445ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.015RT1.329ETLeft Ln
R159.990RT59.990ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Nacho Thacker
R20.104RT1.527ETLeft LnLost to Jim Schauer
Pro Mod (2s)
Q159.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
Q20.001RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.144RT1.800ETLeft LnDefeated Ant Wren
R20.182RT6.719ETRight LnLost to Christopher J. AlcoserDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.002RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight
Q20.012RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.038RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Tim SmithDQ
  Comfort Technologies Memorial Day Nationals - 05/27/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.274RT1.384ETRight Ln
Q20.034RT1.367ETRight Ln
R10.106RT1.401ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Ant Wren
R2-0.059RT1.465ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie ThomasRedlight
R30.074RT1.395ETRight LnLost to David MaresDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.039RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q259.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln
R10.024RT1.490ETLeft LnDefeated Ant Wren
R20.054RT1.869ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated J R Summons
R30.049RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Steve NigriDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.081RT1.826ETRight Ln
Q259.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
R10.042RT1.833ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Darvione Huddleston
R2-0.003RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Kenneth MitchellRedlight
  Armed Forces Spring Nationals - 05/20/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.109RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
Q2-0.030RT1.485ET109.9 mphLeft LnRedlight
R10.032RT1.358ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Christopher J. Alcoser
R20.017RT1.376ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Haylee Arnold
R30.041RT1.306ET104.8 mphRight LnDefeated David MaresHoleshot
R40.029RT1.284ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Ant Wren
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.019RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.241RT1.627ETRight Ln
R1-0.024RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Willie ThomasRedlight DQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.088RT1.871ETLeft Ln
Q20.074RT1.867ETLeft Ln
R10.084RT1.867ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Michael Willis
  Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals - 05/06/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q159.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
Q20.085RT1.442ET98.8 mphLeft Ln
R10.136RT1.443ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Nacho Thacker
R20.109RT1.512ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Haylee ArnoldHoleshot
R30.006RT1.462ETLeft LnDefeated Ant Wren
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.015RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.217RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R10.236RT1.692ETRight LnDefeated Jeff Schmidt Jr.
R20.034RT1.828ETLeft LnLost to Ant Wren
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.063RT1.843ETLeft Ln
Q20.132RT59.999ETLeft LnDQ
R10.171RT59.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Ant WrenDQ
  Rock Star Welding Nationals - 04/15/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.246RT1.456ETRight Ln
Q20.016RT1.576ETRight Ln
R10.091RT1.496ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Donnie Johnson
R20.034RT1.464ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Cody Cook
R30.074RT1.402ETRight LnLost to David Mares
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.153RT1.601ETLeft Ln
Q20.163RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.154RT59.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Darvione HuddlestonHoleshot DQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.179RT1.846ETLeft Ln
Q20.179RT1.826ETLeft Ln
R10.087RT1.954ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jackie Dee
R20.379RT2.850ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Christopher J. Alcoser
R30.095RT1.902ETLeft LnDefeated Ant Wren
R40.111RT1.834ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Jerry ShieldsHoleshot
  Urban Assault Racing Nationals - 03/18/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.136RT1.416ETRight Ln
Q20.247RT1.553ETLeft Ln
R10.109RT1.427ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.055RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Haylee ArnoldDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.126RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.206RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.046RT59.999ETRight LnDefeated Steve Nigri
R20.063RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Ant WrenDQ
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.038RT1.875ETLeft Ln
Q20.058RT1.963ETRight Ln
R10.055RT1.968ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Chris Williams
R20.146RT1.895ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Manuel Garca
R30.058RT2.439ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R40.209RT1.964ETLeft LnLost to Jerry Shields
  RCDRL Texas Winternationals - 03/04/17
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.042RT1.685ETRight Ln
Q20.000RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R1-0.031RT1.628ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Ant WrenRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.016RT1.676ETLeft LnRedlight
Q2-0.043RT1.811ETRight LnRedlight
R1-0.040RT1.812ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jeff Schmidt Jr.Redlight
R2-0.079RT1.632ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Darvione HuddlestonRedlight
Pro Stock (1s)
Q159.999RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.078RT1.936ETLeft Ln
R10.040RT2.041ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Alex Garca
R20.018RT2.201ETRight LnLost to Michael WillisDQ
  MercMotorsports Cajun Nationals - 11/19/16
RCDRL Louisiana
Pro Mod
Q10.099RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.115RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.002RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Stephen Burden
Outlaw Extreme
Q10.129RT1.454ETRight Ln
Q20.064RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
R159.990RT59.990ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Victor HernandezDQ
2.50 Index
Q10.174RT2.415ETRight Ln
Q20.145RT2.032ETLeft Ln
R10.036RT2.274 on 2.500 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Cliff ConollyBreakout
R20.015RT2.571 on 2.500 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Michael MercadelHoleshot
R30.049RT2.805 on 2.500 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Haylee Arnold
R4-0.006RT3.139 on 2.500 DialLeft LnLost to Stephen BurdenRedlight
Pro Stock (1S)
Q10.075RT59.999ETLeft Ln
Q20.122RT2.348ETLeft Ln
R10.136RT2.445ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Stephen Burden
R20.088RT2.293ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jerry Shields
R30.040RT2.275ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Ant Wren
  2nd Annual YourBatteryBuddy.com RCDRL Texas Finals - 11/05/16
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.065RT1.565ETLeft LnRedlight
Q20.259RT59.999ETRight Ln
R10.062RT1.605ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Josh Wood
Pro Mod (2s)
Q1-0.053RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight
Q20.014RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.332RT2.479ETLeft LnLost to Jeff Chambers
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.285RT3.214ETLeft Ln
Q20.280RT59.999ETRight LnDQ
R10.280RT1.643 on 1.520 DialRight LnLost to Brandon MaresDQ
  Murillo Motorsports Fall Nationals - 10/22/16
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.199RT1.381ETRight Ln
R10.012RT1.387ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Donnie Johnson
R20.013RT1.520ETLeft Ln (Choice) Bye
R3-0.007RT1.424ETLeft LnLost to Haylee ArnoldRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.172RT1.763ETRight Ln
R10.078RT1.797ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Jeff Schmidt Jr.
R20.076RT1.808ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Stephen Burden
R3-0.008RT1.859ETRight LnDefeated Ant WrenRedlight
R4-0.082RT2.024ETLeft LnDefeated Roy AndersonRedlight
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.208RT1.481ETRight Ln
Q20.235RT1.587ETLeft Ln
R10.136RT1.588 on 1.550 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.
Pro Stock (1s)
Q1-0.007RT2.283ETRight LnRedlight
R10.044RT4.412ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Stephen Burden
  SassyGirl Racing Nationals - 10/08/16
All Run Bracket
Q10.169RT2.183ETRight Ln
R10.190RT2.281 on 2.170 DialRight LnDefeated Manuel Garca
R20.142RT2.371 on 1.900 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Dallas Pfeil
R30.051RT2.283ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R40.206RT2.345 on 2.100 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Darvione Huddleston
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.068RT1.377ETLeft LnRedlight
Q20.035RT1.321ETRight Ln
R1-0.024RT1.403ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Christopher J. AlcoserRedlight
R2-0.105RT1.429ETLeft Ln (Choice) ByeRedlight
R3-0.066RT1.384ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Cody CookRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.075RT1.904ETLeft Ln
Q20.089RT1.974ETRight Ln
R10.117RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Steve Nigri
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.004RT1.364ETRight Ln
Q2-0.086RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight
R1-0.015RT59.999 on 1.360 DialRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Darvione HuddlestonRedlight
  Team America U.S. Nationals - 09/17/16
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.003RT1.406ETRight LnRedlight
Q20.033RT1.413ETRight Ln
R10.183RT1.373ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R2-0.022RT1.363ETLeft Ln (Choice) ByeRedlight
R3-0.009RT1.368ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Ant WrenRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.205RT1.887ETRight Ln
Q20.195RT1.758ETLeft Ln
R10.081RT1.806ETRight Ln (Choice) Bye
R20.109RT1.787ETLeft LnDefeated Michael Dees
R3-0.004RT1.974ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Stephen BurdenRedlight
R40.202RT1.896ETRight LnLost to Ant Wren
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.214RT1.520ETLeft Ln
Q20.005RT1.466ETRight Ln
R10.093RT1.472 on 1.450 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated James Ester
R20.002RT1.479 on 1.450 DialLeft LnDefeated Bill Dees
R30.093RT1.600 on 1.450 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Joshua Mercadel
  ThunderStruck Nationals - 09/03/16
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.022RT1.592ET82.1 mphRight Ln
Q24.574RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R1-0.116RT1.621ET80.2 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Norris GravesRedlight
R20.106RT1.480ETLeft LnDefeated Haylee Arnold
R30.098RT1.572ET83.1 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Ant Wren
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.159RT1.850ET79.2 mphRight Ln
Q20.117RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.102RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to David Mares
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.210RT1.451ET104.8 mphRight Ln
Q20.221RT1.546ET68.8 mphLeft Ln
R1-0.092RT1.605 on 1.450 Dial101.7 mphRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Joshua MercadelRedlight
  Hurst Tire & Service 2 Hot 2 Handle Nationals - 08/27/16
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.016RT1.484ETRight Ln
Q20.065RT1.481ETRight Ln
R10.061RT1.523ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Norris Graves
R20.109RT1.730ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Cody Cook
R359.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln (Choice) ByeDQ
R40.065RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Haylee Arnold
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.308RT2.067ETLeft Ln
Q20.180RT1.906ETRight Ln
R10.133RT59.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Gregory Chapa
Quick 16 Bracket
Q1-0.019RT1.715ETRight LnRedlight
Q2-0.020RT1.653ETRight LnRedlight
R10.198RT1.608ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Christopher J. Alcoser
R20.184RT59.999 on 1.600 DialLeft LnLost to Michael Dees
  United We Stand Nationals - 07/23/16
Top Fuel (3s)
Q1-0.004RT1.431ETRight LnRedlight
Q2-0.052RT1.371ETLeft LnRedlight
R1-0.106RT1.486ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Willie ThomasRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.036RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q20.113RT59.999ETLeft Ln
R10.262RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Bill DeesDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.038RT1.446ETLeft Ln
Q2-0.004RT1.415ETRight LnRedlight
R1-0.001RT1.529 on 1.400 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Michael DeesRedlight
  2nd Annual ESP Light It Up Nationals - 06/25/16
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.003RT1.391ETLeft Ln
Q20.030RT1.401ET94.6 mphRight Ln
R10.058RT59.999ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Michael DeesDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.068RT2.052ETLeft Ln
Q20.186RT1.843ET71.0 mphRight Ln
R10.092RT1.999ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Willie Thomas
R20.265RT2.013ETRight LnDefeated Michael Dees
R30.118RT2.078ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Haylee Arnold
R40.310RT1.960ETRight Ln (Choice) Lost to Jeff Schmidt Jr.
Quick 16 Bracket
Q1-0.034RT1.622ETLeft LnRedlight
Q2-0.069RT1.480ET100.2 mphLeft LnRedlight
R1-0.105RT1.412ETLeft Ln (Choice) ByeRedlight
R2-0.076RT1.586 on 1.400 DialLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Sharon DeesRedlight
  4th Annual RLC Performance Engineering Super Nationals - 06/10/16
Top Fuel (3s)
Q159.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
Q20.005RT1.418ETLeft Ln
R10.028RT1.425ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Mike Smith
R20.075RT1.388ETRight LnDefeated David Mares
R3-0.048RT1.373ETLeft LnLost to Donnie JohnsonRedlight
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.048RT2.899ETRight Ln
Q20.163RT2.285ETRight Ln
R10.060RT2.077ETLeft LnDefeated Grayson Webb
R20.081RT2.062ETRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Darrell Hibbs
R30.002RT2.633ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated Gregory Chapa
R40.019RT59.999ETRight LnLost to Mikey Alsobrooks
Quick 16 Bracket
Q1-0.092RT1.855ETLeft LnRedlight
Q2-0.058RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight DQ
R159.990RT59.990ETLeft LnLost to DeadEye Jones
Pro Stock (1s)
Q10.128RT2.643ETRight Ln
Q20.087RT2.659ETRight Ln
R10.003RT2.291ETRight LnDefeated Gregory Chapa
R20.083RT2.624ETLeft LnLost to Eric Filkins
Outlaw Modified with Traxxas FC Outlaw
Q159.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
Q259.990RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
R159.990RT59.990ETRight LnLost to Ken Jones SrDQ
  The US Military Memorial Day Nationals - 05/28/16
All Run Bracket
Q11.367RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
R10.134RT2.791 on 2.220 DialRight LnDefeated Darvione Huddleston
R21.809RT3.675 on 2.200 DialRight Ln (Choice) Defeated Randy Mayhew
R3-0.089RT2.974 on 2.200 DialLeft LnLost to Richard HohnholtRedlight DQ
Top Fuel (3s)
Q10.046RT1.407ETLeft Ln
Q20.048RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
R10.008RT1.401ETLeft Ln (Choice) Defeated David Mares
R20.015RT1.882ETRight LnLost to Ant Wren
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.131RT59.990ETRight LnDQ
Q20.113RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
R10.038RT59.999ETLeft LnLost to Haylee ArnoldDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.328RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.360RT3.419ETRight Ln
  Raising Canes Spring Nationals - 04/30/16
All Run Bracket
Q159.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln
R159.990RT59.990ETRight LnLost to Lonnie DukeDQ
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.047RT2.349ET64.9 mphLeft Ln
Q259.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln
R10.073RT2.326ET58.2 mphLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Darrell Hibbs
Quick 16 Bracket
Q10.120RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q2-0.004RT59.999ETLeft LnRedlight
  The Ivy Lou Nationals - 04/16/16
Top Fuel (3s)
Q159.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
Q20.156RT1.794ET60.0 mphLeft Ln
Pro Mod (2s)
Q10.085RT2.456ET63.0 mphRight Ln
Q259.990RT59.990ETLeft LnDQ
R159.990RT59.990ETLeft Ln (Choice) Lost to Dexter DeelDQ
Quick 16 Bracket
Q159.999RT59.999ETRight Ln
Q2-0.004RT59.999ETRight LnRedlight

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